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Clash of Clans is a free mobile MMO strategy game developed by Supercell.  The COC players build their village, train troops and raid other players’ villages to earn resources (gold, elixir & dark elixir) which can be used to train and upgrade troops, and strengthen and improve the base, so that the base will have better defenses that protect from other players’ attacks.

The other alternative to max the base and upgrade troops is by purchasing gems, Clash of Clans in-app currency, by using real money. For example, pile of 500 gems will cost $4.99, bag of 1200 gems will cost $9.99 and so on.

ClashFarmer bot is designed to save COC players tons of time and/or a lot of money. It’s one of the best Clash of Clans bots in the market today and the best part is that it is actually FREE & very EASY TO USE.

Also, this auto Clash of Clans bot developed with the most advanced and latest humanizing algorithm that evades detection from any automatic detection measures. Therefore the COC player account will always stay safe!

The ClashFarmer software includes the following amazing features,
training troops and raiding in a loop 24/7, advanced attack log, customize an advanced army composition, detect bases with full collectors and attack accordingly, donate and request troops and automatic balance between them, multiple configuration profiles, added option to auto clear tombstones, rearm traps, x-bows and infernos.

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