Clash of Clash Updates – Summery


The last major update released by Supercell for Clash of Clans came in December 2015. A lot of new things were introduced and subsequently there was a lot of gameplay balancing. Three of the major changes were:

* Town hall 11 was introduced.
* The Eagle artillery was introduced as a new defensive structure available at town hall 11.
* The Grand Warden (New Hero) also available at town hall 11.

Some troops like the goblin were given an extra level and the cost and training time of troops and spells were also reduced. We also saw the town halls equipped with storage capacities for loot so we were all forced to move our town halls to the middle in order to protect this loot. Another noteworthy addition was the shield and guard modification. Instead of losing all of your shield when you attack a base, you now only lose part of it and thus you can comfortably attack two to three times before your shield is depleted and a guard is given to you which upon depletion leaves you open to attack.


Fast forward a few weeks and we are now looking forward to the next big update of March 2016. We can gather from all the rumors flying around that we are to expect some of the following:

  • Two new dark troops
  • Increase in goblin level to level 7
  • Hog rider level 6
  • Mortar level 9
  • Inferno tower level 4

We are all excited about the new update and it has been revealed that we can expect it in the end of March 2016. Once the new update is released, COC bot developers will adapt the bot software so that you guys will be able to resume botting ASAP.

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