Rainbow Magic Fairy Free Online Games for Girls: Printable Activities and Fairy Games With the Daisy Meadows Fairies

Parents of elementary school aged girls probably hear the name “Rainbow Magic” a lot in their households. These free printable activities for girls and online fairy games are perfect for the girl who just can’t get enough of the Daisy Meadows fairies.

Free Fairy Online Games for Girls

The book series’ official website, Rainbow Magic Online, has almost a dozen animated web-based games with music. All the games are simple point-and-click games geared toward elementary school girls that help improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity while having fun!

One of the most popular games is “Create a Fairy,” where girls can mix and match their favorite hairstyles, accessories, clothes, wings, and wands from a drop-down menu to make their own fairy. When they’re done, they can give her a name and write a brief story about the fairy they’ve created.

Other online games include Fairyland Rescue (tag the goblins with a magical wand,) Hide and Seek (find the jewel fairies’ jewels while avoiding Jack Frost,) and Magical Flight (help the rainbow fairies get the magic snow globe while catching stars to charge the wand.)

Online Fairy Activities for Girls

A variety of printable activities is also available at the Rainbow Magic site, including printable coloring sheets that feature one of the Daisy Meadows fairies with her name. Girls will love coloring their favorite characters from the books.

Rainbow Magic fairies stationery, picture frame, crossword, word find, connect-the-dot, and other activities are also free to download and print on a home computer to keep fairy-loving girls busy for an afternoon.

About Daisy Meadows Books and Rainbow Magic

Daisy Meadows is actually a pseudonym for a collaboration of writers that has been creating the Rainbow Magic fairy series for 6 to 9-year-old girls since 2003. Each book follows a similar format, featuring a new fairy who depends on two human girls, Rachel and Kirsty, to help her get her stolen magic back from Jack Frost the goblin.

Each book also belongs to a broader group: for example, Bethany the Ballet Fairy is part of the dance fairies series while Crystal the Snow Fairy belongs to the weather fairies. The Rainbow Magic website features a complete title list that also allows parents to read a first chapter excerpt of most books.

The fairies by Daisy Meadows are fast, fun books for young elementary school girls to read. The books are age-appropriate, introduce new vocabulary words, and feature some of the ideas that little girls like best. Use online games and activities to complement a girl’s love for the Rainbow Magic books.

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