The Best Pirate MMORPGs: Most of Them are Free to Play, too

Talk Like a Pirate Day tells us that people at least want to pretend to be a pirate one day a year. The determined pirate fan can also dress up like a pirate on Halloween. People who are truly a pirate in their heart may need the release that only role playing games, online or otherwise can give.

The best thing is that many online pirate games are free to play, including Disney’s recent addition, Pirates of the Caribbean Online. A few good Pirate games are: Sword of the New World, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Dogs of the Sea. Each has its own advantages and player base.

Sword of the New World

Although this is not technically a pirate mmorpg, Sword of the New World takes place in an age of high seas exploration. The game opens with the discovery of a new continent and settlers pouring into the New World to make their fame and fortune. The game play has improved slightly with the recent patch and expansion, but the games charm lies mostly in the music and the broken English. Characters can fight pirate or the natives who have been displaced from their lands.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Capitalizing on the popularity of Jack Sparrow, Disney decided to release their own free pirate mmorpg orffering and tap into a segment of gamers who wanted a slightly higher technological setting than what dominates the standard high, heroic fantasy settiings. Game play for Pirates of the Carribean Online is simple and the controls need a little work, but the system requirements for Disney’s pirate mmorpg make it accessible to many players.

Pirates of the Burning Seas

This pirate mmorpg has been in development for a few years, and it includes both a sea and land game for the full experience. The sea battles focus mostly on player versus player combat, while the land game can increase their skills with the sword and pistol. While not having true multiple character control, players do gain a crew that has motivations and skills on their own.

To further capture the spirit of intrigue that is essential to the swashbuckling genre, this pirate mmorpg makes it likely that the crew members cannot always be trusted and may be working for someone else behind the player character’s back. This game, unlike the others, requires the player to pay a monthly subscription fee, and no free trials are available as of yet.

Dogs of the Seas

This pirate mmorpg is not technically an mmorpg, but rather a graphical trading strategy game. Players of Dogs of the Seas can take on trading missions or privateer missions to build up their resources. They can do this either by doing the actual work of finding resources or taking the needed resources from other players on the high seas. Dogs of the Seas is oriented more toward player versus player combat than are the other. The best part about Dogs of the Sea is that it is free and can be played in a browser.

Have Fun Or Walk the Plank!

There are other pirate mmorpgs in existence, but these are the ones that have the most players or in the case of Dogs of the Sea, can be run entirely from a browser. Few of these pirate mmos have the depth of larger games like Everquest or World of Warcraft. For a person who has been wanting to roleplay a pirate in a virtual world, these games are the best way to do live out the life of a pirate.

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