Legend of the Five Rings Role Playing Game: The Clans of Rokugan

Centuries ago, the Sun and Moon had 9 children together. Lord Moon feared the power these children would gain, but they eventually escaped him and fell to earth. 1 was separated, and trapped in the darkness of an abyss. The other children took the land of Rokugan for their own. They held a challenge duel, for the right to rule, and the duel was won by Lord Hantei. The other 7 children of the Sun and Moon went out into the world, and gathered around them human families to aid and serve them. They became the lords and ladies of the land, under Emperor Hantei.

The Clans of Rokugan

The seven sibling’s of Emperor Hantei were the founders of seven great clans. Players in L5R choose one clan for their character to belong to, or choose to be ronin, belonging to no clan.

  1. Crab – founded by Lord Hida, the Crab hold the border of Rokugan against the invasion of a supernatural army of oni and other creatures of darkness from the south. They are looked down upon by many of the other clans for favoring honesty over courtesy, and having no interest in any activity other then warfare.
  2. Crane – artists and artisans, the clan founded by Lady Doji specializes in beauty. And there is little they love more than a beautiful political maneuver. They have a great deal of influence in Rokugan because every Emperor since the original Hantei has married a Crane.
  3. Dragon – Lord Togashi was known for his gift of foresight – he chose not to take part in the duel for the throne, because he foresaw the outcome (his brother Hida thought him a coward). The clan that follows him lives in the mountains and seeks answers to questions unknown. They are not the greatest fighters, or greatest mages, but somehow they are able to perform feats no other clan can understand.
  4. Lion – Lord Torturi lost the duel with Emperor Hantei when he lost control of his temper. His descendants are the masters of military strategy and tactics. They do not have the Crane’s skill in politics, and have lost much over the years because of it.
  5. Phoenix – the children of Lord Shiba are masters of magic. They are the most powerful and respected mages in Rokugan. They are also mocked for their peace loving nature. The Phoenix are the only clan ruled not by a Daimyo descended from one of the children of Sun and Moon, but by a council of Shugenja (mages).
  6. Scorpion – every court has its secrets, every door has its key. Lord Bayushi understood the power of secrets, and of shadows. His descendants know everything there is to know of the courts and clans of Rokugan. They pull strings, entrap and strike from the shadows. In spite of their (well earned) reputation, the Scorpions do have the good of the Empire at heart . . . but someone needs to be willing to get their hands dirty.
  7. Unicorn – Emperor Hantei asked his sister, Lady Shoji, to investigate the lands to the north, beyond Rokugan. After 800 years, her children returned. 200 years later, they do not understand the society of Rokugan, the rules of the court, or ‘civilized’ behavior. They are looked on alternately as children, or barbarians. They brought back to Rokugan with them horses like the Empire had never seen before.

These are the seven Major Clans.

There are also a host of minor clans, including:

  • Mantis- sea farers
  • Dragonfly- seers
  • Fox- masters of the far north and the allies of the kitsune
  • and many others

Importance of Clan in Legend of the Five Rings

What clan a person belongs to determines how they are seen by everyone they meet, whether or not they are anything like the stereotype of their clan.

Also, a character’s starting skills and equipment are largely determined by his clan, who over sees his training.

Loyalty to the clan, and the clan’s Daimyo is the most important virtue of the Rokugani. A person who has no clan has nothing.

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Rainbow Magic Fairy Free Online Games for Girls: Printable Activities and Fairy Games With the Daisy Meadows Fairies

Parents of elementary school aged girls probably hear the name “Rainbow Magic” a lot in their households. These free printable activities for girls and online fairy games are perfect for the girl who just can’t get enough of the Daisy Meadows fairies.

Free Fairy Online Games for Girls

The book series’ official website, Rainbow Magic Online, has almost a dozen animated web-based games with music. All the games are simple point-and-click games geared toward elementary school girls that help improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity while having fun!

One of the most popular games is “Create a Fairy,” where girls can mix and match their favorite hairstyles, accessories, clothes, wings, and wands from a drop-down menu to make their own fairy. When they’re done, they can give her a name and write a brief story about the fairy they’ve created.

Other online games include Fairyland Rescue (tag the goblins with a magical wand,) Hide and Seek (find the jewel fairies’ jewels while avoiding Jack Frost,) and Magical Flight (help the rainbow fairies get the magic snow globe while catching stars to charge the wand.)

Online Fairy Activities for Girls

A variety of printable activities is also available at the Rainbow Magic site, including printable coloring sheets that feature one of the Daisy Meadows fairies with her name. Girls will love coloring their favorite characters from the books.

Rainbow Magic fairies stationery, picture frame, crossword, word find, connect-the-dot, and other activities are also free to download and print on a home computer to keep fairy-loving girls busy for an afternoon.

About Daisy Meadows Books and Rainbow Magic

Daisy Meadows is actually a pseudonym for a collaboration of writers that has been creating the Rainbow Magic fairy series for 6 to 9-year-old girls since 2003. Each book follows a similar format, featuring a new fairy who depends on two human girls, Rachel and Kirsty, to help her get her stolen magic back from Jack Frost the goblin.

Each book also belongs to a broader group: for example, Bethany the Ballet Fairy is part of the dance fairies series while Crystal the Snow Fairy belongs to the weather fairies. The Rainbow Magic website features a complete title list that also allows parents to read a first chapter excerpt of most books.

The fairies by Daisy Meadows are fast, fun books for young elementary school girls to read. The books are age-appropriate, introduce new vocabulary words, and feature some of the ideas that little girls like best. Use online games and activities to complement a girl’s love for the Rainbow Magic books.

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American Girl PC Video Game Review: Windows PC Game Based on New Julie Character Celebrates Girls

THQ (publisher of such titles as Juiced, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw series and Drawn to Life) has teamed with American Girl, a division of Mattel, Inc., to publish American Girl: Julie Saves the Eagles based on the popular dolls and books for Windows PC. Julie Saves the Eagles is the first video game in the series and is based on the newest American Girl character, Julie Albright. Two additional titles are planned for release in the American Girl series: Julie Finds a Way for the Nintendo DS and another Windows PC game to be based on the yet-to-be-announced 2008 Girl of the Year character. Julie Finds a Way will release later this fall. The untitled Windows PC video game is expected to release in early 2008.

Game Summary

In American Girl: Julie Saves the Eagles players follow Julie’s journey throughout San Francisco. Players must help Julie on her quest of more than 24 challenging adventures to raise public awareness and money in order to save a family of endangered bald eagles.

Game Features

Players receive hints from Julie’s mom and her best friend, Ivy, gather objects, read diary entries and uncover factual information from conversations with family and friends to help her on her quest. This feature brings an educational element to the game. Players will unlock new destinations on Julie’s map by solving problems and completing tasks. Players must seek advice and even persuade family, friends and neighbors to help Julie reach her goals. Players travel throughout the San Francisco Bay area, Chinatown to the San Bruno Mountain to save the endangered eagles. Also included are two strategy-based mini-games.


Although the graphics aren’t as spectacular as many of the current Windows PC games they are decent enough for the age group it’s intended for. Think in terms of The Sims on the PC and you’ll have a good idea of the quality of the graphics.


With a game like this there’s no real way to gauge the sound because of its theme. It’s not bad but at the same time it isn’t anything to brag about. Just remember this isn’t an action game and is intended to be more educational.


Mastering the keyboard and mouse movements is easy enough. Learning how to use the maps (see screenshot below) may pose a bit of a challenge for the younger players. The gameplay feels a little old school but is still a lot of fun. Even though it seems old school players will be so absorbed in the storyline and interacting with the environments and characters to care.

Bottom Line

American Girl: Julie Saves the Eagles for Windows PC is a game meant for fans of the American Girl Brand. It does a great job of keeping true to its fan base by presenting a game based on its newest character Julie Albright. Although the market is flooded with action games this is a refreshing break and besides, a little education never hurt anyone.

Rating 1-10 (10 being the best)


System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista CD

Minimum Requirements: Pentium III 800 MB, 512 MB RAM, DirectX 9.0 or higher (included on CD), 32 MB DirectX compatible video card, DirectX compatible sound card, 4X CD-ROM drive Keyboard and mouse.

Recommended Requirements: Pentium IV 1.3 GHz, 512 MB RAM, DirectX 9.0 or higher (included on CD), 32 MB DirectX compatible video card, DirectX compatible sound card, 4X CD-ROM drive, Keyboard and mouse.

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