Abbreviations and Slang from Online Gaming and World of Warcraft

It happens to many who venture into the world of online gaming for the first time. Surrounded by hundreds of people who have played for months or years, they are typing sentences that apparently make sense to everyone else. At the risk of pointing out the newbie in the world, questions don’t get asked until something happens that is informative about what it means. This is a small guide to several popularly used abbreviations in online gaming and internet social networks.

General Abbreviations Used in Common Chat

These and many others are often seen in Instant Messaging and online chat throughout games or other social venues. Here are some basic abbreviations to know to help get started.

  • LOL = laugh out loud.
  • ROFL = rolling on floor laughing.
  • TTYL = talk to you later.
  • TTFN = ta’ ta’ for now.
  • FTW = for the win.
  • GJ = Good job.
  • GTG = got to go or good to go. Depends on context.
  • KK= okay, k.
  • BBL = be back later.
  • BRB = be right back.
  • AFK= away from keyboard
  • WTH = what the heck.
  • BIO = take a break, get a drink, use the bathroom.
  • Peeps = people.
  • CYA = goodbye.
  • DC(DC’D) = disconnected. Internet connection interrupted.
  • <3 = the image of a heart.
  • OMG = Oh My Gosh!
  • NBD = No big deal.
  • NP = No problem.

The World of Online Gaming Slang and Abbreviations

Online Gaming is so widespread that millions of people have adapted to what seems like a new language. This is the language of the online gaming realm. With having to type most communication, abbreviations become second nature to hasten the typing and lessen the amount that has to be typed.

  • LFM or LFG = Looking for More/Group.
  • LF1M or LF#M = Looking for that many more
  • GRP = Group.
  • PST = Whisper, a personal chat only one other can view.
  • OOM = Out of mana.
  • R or Y = Ready or yes.
  • BP = Breast plate.
  • Spam = Describing unwanted communication.
  • Hacked = Used to describe when an unauthorized person has found a way to log in on the account and steal items.
  • Loot = Items won by questing or with groups.
  • Ninja = Someone in a group who needs on loot just to win the item.
  • DPS = Damage per second.
  • MDPS or RDPS = Melee or Ranged dsp.
  • Vent = Ventrillo – A way to communicate through a microphone and speakers with other online players.
  • Ding = The word used when a character levels.
  • Woot = Congratulations, hurray.
  • Grats = Congratulations.
  • UI = User Interface.
  • AddOns = Files put in the game folder that can, generally, improve interaction and play.
  • PWN = Slang for Own; to dominate an opponent.
  • Fail = Not meeting intended income. Used to describe a situation or used in sarcasm.
  • Epic = Really, Very, Awesome.
  • Tank = The character in an online game to control aggro.

World of Warcraft Specific Abbreviations, Slang and Common Terms

Many of the common terms used in WoW are to shorten or combine terms making chat easier to type and communicate. This is done with terms about people, the characters, places and the game itself. For most of these, it is easy to look this all up on This site will provide further definitions and more in depth description pertaining to its relative nature in the WoW.

The World of Warcraft Game Packs

  1. Vanilla = Term used in referring to the original WoW ever released.
  2. BC = Abbreviation for Burning Crusade, the second expansion released.
  3. WotLK = Abbreviation for Wrath of the Lich King, the third expansion.
  4. Cata = Abbreviation for Cataclysm, the fourth expansion.

Characters or Toons in the World of Warcraft Online Game

  • Protadin = A paladin spec’d Protection.
  • Holadin = A paladin spec’d Holy.
  • Bear, tree, cat, drood = Terms referring to the class Druid and the forms they take on.
  • DK = Death Knight
  • Squishy = A character who can only wear cloth items.
  • Noob = A person new to something, still learning or someone who plays poorly; used in joking as rudeness.
  • Caster, Ranged = A class that does damage from afar.
  • Melee = A class that has to be at the target to deal damage.

World of Warcraft Professions

  • BS = Blacksmithing.
  • Prof = Profession
  • LW = Leatherworking.
  • JC = Jewel Crafter.
  • Maxed = Reaching the highest obtainable level in a profession.
  • Mats = Materials; items needed in professions.

Common Terms for Cities, Dungeons and Raids for World of Warcraft

  • SW = Stormwind
  • IF = Ironforge
  • Darn = Darnassus
  • EX = Exodar
  • Dal = Dalaran
  • Shat = Shattrath
  • NR = Northrend
  • WG = Wintergrasp;
  • pvp area
  • AV = Alterac Valley; pvp area
  • AB = Arathi Basin;
  • pvp area
  • RS = Ruby Sanctum
  • ICC = Icecrown Citadel
  • VC/DM = Van Cliff or Deadmines; VC is Pre- Cata term.
  • DM = Dire Maul
  • Gnomer = Gnomeregan
  • WC = Wailing Caverns
  • SFK = Shadow Fang Keep
  • RFD = Razor Fin Downs
  • ST = Sunken Temple
  • ZF = Zul Farrak

Miscellaneous Terms Used for Online Gaming

  • PvP = Player vs. Player.
  • PvE = Player vs. Environment.
  • Duel = Combat between another.
  • Raid = A group comprising of 10 or 25 people.
  • Instance/Dungeon = A group of five people.
  • Portal = Ability from a mage to transport other players.
  • Tip = A monetary tip using online gaming money.
  • AH = Auction House
  • GS = Gearscore; used to determine average of item level gear.
  • GB = Guild Bank.
  • GM = Guild Master or Game Master (one who responds to tickets for WoW).
  • MOTD = Message of the Day; relates to Guilds.
  • Rep = Reputation.
  • JP = Justice Points; used to purchase gear.
  • HP = Honor Points; PvP points used to purchase gear.
  • VP = Valor Points; used to purchase gear.

Popular Acronyms, Abbreviations and Slang Phrases

While this list is meant to help, it by no means contains all of the abbreviations or slang used. These are a few of the popularized terms and acronyms used for the current age of internet social networking and popular online gaming. If there are those terms missed, yet essential, feel free to add. However, foul language or reference to foul language is not permissible.

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